Rakeback for every EverlastPoker Player!

We are able to offer you Rakeback when playing at InstaDeal® Poker. If your application is approved you will be given 30% Rakeback when playing at InstaDeal® Poker (Speed Poker). Please note that Rakeback is not offered/allowed on The Hive Poker where you instead can benefit from the automated loyalty (VIP) system.


Please read through the rules and then use the form below to complete your application.




1. All personal information in your player account must be updated and accurate.

2. No other player account registered in the same name at EverlastPoker® shall have been approved for Rakeback previously.

3. Players will not earn any Rakeback until the application has been approved by EverlastPoker® and Rakeback will not be credited retroactively for play before the application was approved.

4. Once Rakeback is approved and active the Rakeback percentages become visible from My Account / Personal Details.

5. Any Deposit Bonuses (excluding First Deposit Bonuses) paid out during the week when Rakeback was earned will be deducted from the Rakeback. In some cases a Deposit Bonus will not affect the Rakeback and if that is the case it is normally communicated to Rakeback Players in a newsletter.

6. EverlastPoker® reserves the right to reject any Rakeback application without further explanation.

7. EverlastPoker® reserves the right to cancel any Rakeback payout that has been made when a player was been in breach of these rules.

8. Rakeback offers and rules are subject to change at any time.

9. You will be able to earn Rakeback from play on InstaDeal® (Speed Poker) amounting to 30% of the rake generated.

10. The average contributed rake method is used to calculate rake.

11. Rakeback will also be given on tournaments fees.

12. Rakeback from play on InstaDeal® will be paid each Tuesday at 15.00 (CET) for play the week before (Monday 00.00 – Sunday 24.00 CET).