My friend has a huge crush on poker. He literally eats, sleeps and talks poker. Whenever there is a house party he ensures that everyone around him engages in the game of poker. He also is a regular visitor of casinos and has recently also signed up with not one but three online casinos so that he can keep playing. Last time, I threw a house party and obviously, my friend was invited. Seeing his passion for poker, another friend of mine suggested him to join the online poker tournaments that the online casinos organize. Quite to our surprise, this poker geek friend of mine had no idea about the thing called online poker tournaments. I am sure many of you there resemble my friend, therefore I shall share here what I learned that day. I hope it will be helpful for you. Entry into the poker tournaments is the first step to winning a fortune.

How to Enter Our Poker Tournaments?

Entering poker tournaments is quite easy with online sites. There are just 4 steps that you have to follow in order to win a fortune:

  1. When you sign up with a legal online casino, radio button which you have to click on to choose between real money games or practice sessions.
  2. Next, you will see a tab called “All games”, click on it to get the list
  3. Now you will be given an option to choose the type of tournament you want to play viz Sit and Go, Scheduled tournaments, etc. choose one
  4. Lastly, you have to choose between the types of tournaments like live events turbo or satellite tournaments or all of them

Tips for Improving Your Poker Strategy

Poker is no rocket science but certainly needs practice. Here are some tips:

  1. hone up your ranges more than hands
  2. don’t get emotionally attached to your favorite hand, ditch it
  3. your strategy should be consistent and not fickle
  4. have a good reason to deal hands
  5. think carefully about when to fold your ace
  6. if you see a bad game, quit it asap

Use The No Deposit Bonus to Practice Poker for Free

Use the casino bonus to practice online poker for free. Most online casinos offer casino bonus in a form of no deposit welcome bonus which is a boon because as a beginner you don’t have to risk any money out of your pocket. Learn everything about these types of casino bonuses at and see why they are so appreciated by beginners. You can do that only after adequate practice.

Win Big Money Prizes in Tournaments

The casinos of vegas organize poker tournaments almost every other day. These tournaments are a great way to hone up your skills in online poker and above that a great chance to win big money jackpots. These online tournaments draw a lot of players and are conducted at various levels of difficulty. This is your chance to dream and win big. Just join any of the upcoming poker tournaments and see where you are in terms of your poker skills.