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24/03/2016 10:21
Cookie Cards
Did someone beat you when you had a monster hand?

There is nothing worse! But here at EverlastPoker you get something more than just a bad beat story. If you have quads or better and loose the hand then you can claim your prize in our bad beat promotion.

You get 100x big blind up to $1000.

Terms and Condition
  • 1. This promotion is only eligible for cash game with real money.
  • 2. Three or more players must been dealt into the hand.
  • 3. Both whole cards must be used by both the winning and the loosing hand.
  • 4. There must be a showdown. (you cannot reveal your hand or instruct anyone then you are not eligible)
  • 5. You must have at least Quads (2222) and loose the loose the hand in showdown.
  • 6. Standard Terms and conditions apply.

If you meet these requirements, please contact our support. Remember what table you sat at and preferable the hand-ID or at least approximate time. You must inform us within 48h in order to be eligible for your prize.