What to Play Beside Poker

If you enjoy playing casino games, you probably need a few ideas on how to expand your gameplay area. Luckily for you, we have a few suggestions on what you might enjoy playing if you played poker so far at online casinos and you found it exciting. After all, besides poker, legal online casinos offer other cool games like roulette for example you can enjoy playing and winning real money easily. Besides roulette, you can enjoy other table games like blackjack, craps that will win get you some easy cash – or if you like things to be exciting – baccarat and slot games are your perfect choice because they are interesting and diverse. Once you know which casino game you want to play, navigate to this page and select the bonus that suits you the best. You can choose from half a dozen options, including welcome deals, reload bonus, refer a friend bonus, cashback, and preferred payment bonus.

Most Played Casino Games

When you are playing fun online casino games, you need to be as informed as possible – after all, you might be missing out on some extra fun. In this part, we’re going to talk about the most played casino games because these are basically the most popular ones too, and they got to this popularity by being fun, exciting to play and offering a great experience for the gamblers too. All of the games listed below can be found at the highly regarded casinosword.com. Besides the huge selection, their deals have never been better. Here is a list of the popular casino games that you shouldn’t miss to play for anything in the world.


Blackjack is a really incredible casino card game. This is a game where you can prove your strategy and skill against the dealer of the game, and there aren’t complicated rules too. Your magic number is 21, but you can win by having any hand total that beats the dealer one.

Blackjack as a casino game, is one of the most popular ones in the world, and it can be played by professionals and beginners too. Today, there are different variants of blackjack games that will keep any blackjack lover happy.

Video Poker

The thing about online video poker is that these games are fun to play, and there are really good return rates of it too. The best thing about video poker is that you can use a video poker strategy, and since you are playing online, you can take advantage of the lower denominations, especially since many casinos offer penny video poker!

Also, you can enjoy this most popular casino game in its different varieties available at live and online casinos.

Slot Games

If you are a beginner and want to start gambling online, you can always opt for slot machine games. These games are pretty easy to play and you still have high chances of winning real money prizes! They come in different varieties and you can choose from the many themes of TV-based, cartoon-based, sport-based and even food-based slot games! There are many types of online slots, with different bonus games and different prizes for players. French casinos have some of the best RTP (return to player) slots, where you have the highest chance to win money.

Enjoy Playing Casino Games for Free

The best thing about gambling at online flash casinos and mobile casino apps is that you can take advantage of the new casino bonuses they use. Such casino bonuses cannot be found in any other place, and there are some, like the no deposit casino bonus that allow you to try out the games for free, without depositing your own money at all. Of course, with it you can still win some real money.